Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for business finance with Capital Sorted, you simply need to access our online form, which you can find via the ‘Get Started’ button above. You will then need to compete the form by answering some basic questions to discover if you are eligible for business finance. Some examples of the basic questions we ask include how much you would like to borrow, how long your business has been open and how much revenue your business generates per month. The process is simple, stress-free and no paperwork is required.

The amount of finance you can borrow will be determined by your business’ unique circumstances – which we will assess when we receive your application. The minimum business finance loan we provide is $5,000. To find out more information, simply contact us.

To apply for business finance funds with Capital Sorted, if you are looking for funds under $150,000 you will need:

  • 6 months bank statements
  • Active ABN trading at least 6 months
  • 100 points ID
  • Minimum monthly turnover of $5,000

If you are looking for business finance funds over $100,000 you will need:

  • Business Activity Statements and an Australian Tax Office business portal
  • A Personal Asset and Liabilities statement that indicates your financial position
  • Account prepared financials for the previous financial year
  • Account prepared YTD management accounts

Getting approved for business finance with Capital Sorted typically takes a few hours after you have submitted your application. If you are entitled to business finance, you may even receive your business loan within just 24 hours of being approved.

For your business loan repayments, we offer you daily, weekly or fortnightly repayment options. The repayment structure you choose will determine when and how often your repayments will be deducted from the business account you nominate, which happens automatically.

Of course not! You won’t be charged anything for our business finance services. Capital Sorted’s business finance services are completely free to use. When you choose us, and we match you to a business finance loan provider, we earn our referral fee from the lender. So unlike traditional business finance brokers, you get charged exactly the same amount if you apply through Capital Sorted as you would if you went directly to the business finance lender. In some special circumstances, you might be charged a business finance brokerage fee, which covers the expenses needed to provide specific services and transactional actions on your business loan.

Capital Sorted is a broker, not a lender. Our business finance services work by matching you to one of our large panel of lenders, based on your eligibility criteria. We help you to save time by searching for the best business finance options for you and your business.

Yes, Capital Sorted is a completely independent service. We are completely independent of any business finance lender and will produce top business finance matches for your business with 100% unbiased results that focus entirely on your business finance requirements.

No. Capital Sorted doesn’t perform any credit checks. Our services match you to the ideal business finance provider for your business based on the information you provide. 

In some instances, Capital Sorted will perform what is called a "soft-check" which will not affect your credit score.