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What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance is a financing solution that allows businesses to access cash tied up in unpaid invoices. Rather than waiting for customers to pay their invoices, businesses can sell their invoices to a third-party lender, known as a factoring company or invoice financier.

The lender advances a percentage of the invoice value, typically up to 90%, and then collects payment from the customer directly. Once the invoice is paid in full, the lender deducts their fees and returns the remaining amount to the business. This type of financing can be useful for businesses with long payment terms, as it provides access to cash to cover expenses and helps to improve cash flow.

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How to get started for Invoice Finance?

Check your Eligibility for an a Invoice Finance

  • Have an approved credit check and strong bank statements is needed.
  • You will need to demonstrate that you have the means to keep up the repayments and meet certain criteria to prove this.
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Why choose Invoice Finance?

3 benefits of Invoice Finance with Capital Sorted

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No Need For Collateral
Invoice finance is typically unsecured, which means that businesses do not have to put up collateral, such as property or assets, to secure the financing. This can be beneficial for businesses that do not have significant assets to use as security.

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Quicker Access To Funds
Invoice finance provides businesses with quicker access to funds than traditional financing options, such as bank loans. The approval process is typically faster, and businesses can receive funds within a matter of days.

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No Impact On Credit Score
Invoice finance does not typically affect a business’s credit score, as it is not considered a loan. This can be beneficial for businesses that are looking to maintain their creditworthiness and improve their chances of obtaining financing in the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of invoice finance varies depending on the lender and the terms of the financing agreement. Typically, businesses are charged a discount fee, which is a percentage of the invoice value, as well as other fees, such as a set-up fee or a monthly service fee.

Yes, customers will typically be notified that a third-party lender is involved in the payment process. This is because the lender will be collecting payment directly from the customer.

Yes, businesses can typically choose which invoices to finance and how much to finance, depending on their cash flow needs. Some lenders may have minimum or maximum financing requirements, however.

If a customer does not pay their invoice, the lender may require the business to buy back the invoice or may take legal action against the customer to recover the funds.

The time it takes to receive funds through invoice finance depends on the lender and the type of financing agreement. Typically, businesses can receive funds within a matter of days, once the lender has approved the financing agreement and received the necessary documentation.

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